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Muddy Mutts Dog Wear provides a practical and versatile way to keep your canine companion clean and dry.

It’s a fact... even when the sun is shining, if the ground is damp, your dog will come home muddy and wet.

Muddy Mutts

Imagine returning from a walk and being able to leave the mud and dirt at the door, instead of having it dragged through your home. Protect your floors and carpet, (not to mention your couch, bed or even the dog’s bed), from the grit and sand which naturally attaches itself to your dog’s legs. Have you ever taken your dog to a field to run around and then spent the rest of your day picking burs out of their fur?

What makes Muddy Mutts perfect for your dog?

  • All four legs and belly are protected – remember, your dog gets wet underneath not on top when walking on wet, dirty ground
  • Muddy Mutts’ unique design is easy to put on and take off, and allows your dog free movement for walking and running
  • Muddy Mutts are designed to allow both male and female dogs to do their ‘business’
  • Adjustable straps and elastic cuffs allow for a comfortable fit
  • They feature reflective tape around each leg for nighttime safety
  • They are made with a waterproof fabric which easily rinses clean, or they can be thrown in the washing machine
  • They are available in 6 sizes, XX-Small to X-Large to cover a range of different sized and shaped dogs
  • Adjustable cuffs and straps for a secure fit

The advantage of Muddy Mutts’ unique design is they are cooler and less restrictive than all-over dog rain suits. They are ideal for when it is not actually raining but the ground is wet. If it’s not raining, why cover the top half of your dog? Just cover what needs covering.

But what about those times when it IS raining? (...or snowing, or sleeting, or drizzling!)

Muddy Mutts are designed to be worn with any type of traditional dog rain coat. Combining Muddy Mutts with a waterproof, windproof  jacket will protect your dog from the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Muddy Mutts can easily be worn with a variety of dog boots, keeping your pals paws clean and dry.