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Clean and dry from head to tail no matter the weather.

Muddy Mutts are perfect for all seasons. They are not a fashion garment, but rather an essential piece of outdoor clothing, that protects your dog from the elements and makes your life a little bit easier.

Protect your floors and carpet, (not to mention your couch, bed or even the dog’s bed), from the grit and sand which naturally attaches itself to your dog’s legs.

Our Customers Love Their Muddy Mutts

It is obvious during this wet and muddy time of year at the park how well the pants work, and how they still allow Maude the flexibility to run after squirrels and play with the other dogs. Awesome product! Thanks for saving us 3-4 baths this past week alone!


I have tried the muddy mutts for walks with my dog George. It is the first spring that walks are so enjoyable. I don't have now to let him dry near the door. So I want you to know how I am happy. I will speak of it to others dogs owners. Have a good day!


We got our Muddy Mutts! I put them on Angus, my welsh terrier and added boots. Off we went to our very muddy, rather disgusting dog park. Love it! Took his boots off before getting back in the car and he stayed clean! So happy!

Linda M.

[Muddy Mutts] have spared him many hours of drying out after our walks in the rain muck and snow; they are great for camping and traveling as well. I have received many comments from people around town about what a great idea.


Just a quick note to let you know that Willow wore his "splash" suit everyday through the winter & it lived up to it's claims. First year I've had a resonably clean dog & the house wasn't covered in road salt & sand. What a wonderful product.


Easy to put on. No wasted time spent cleaning up a dirty dog and saves me from a dirty house too.


This was just what we were looking for. I walk over 10,000 steps a day and it gets muddy where we walk and clean up coming in the house was a chore. If we were not prepared with towels down and catching her before she took off in the house, the bed comforter, the couch and the carpet were all a muddy mess. Thank you!