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About Us

Muddy Mutts was started by a professional dog groomer in rural Ontario, someone who knows a lot about muddy mutts. The Muddy Mutts dog apparel resulted from the determination to solve a recurring problem – long clean up times when taking their two dogs on daily walks. Driven to resolve this problem the designers put their heads together and came up with a very unique and completely practical solution. They created dog apparel that protects the dog where they get dirty. Many hours of designing, testing and refining the product led to the first two generations of Muddy Mutts dog wear.

Muddy Mutts

In 2012, after enjoying his Muddy Mutts dog apparel and the clean benefits it brought to their owners' house Oscar the Goldendoodle's parents purchased Muddy Mutts. Muddy Mutts' new owners started development on the third generation of dog wear - released in 2012. Like the original designers, Oscar's parents often have people doing a “double take” as we take Oscar through the neighborhood quickly followed by the usual comment – “What a great idea, where did you get it?”

The Muddy Mutts brand is based on high quality materials, made by hand - In Canada.  Our attention to design detail and quality manufacturing is reflected in our customers' satisfaction.

We hope that you too can benefit from the Muddy Mutts dog wear. We look forward to more happy customers and cleaner homes and dogs.