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We got our Muddy Mutts! I put them on Angus, my welsh terrier and added boots. Off we went to our very muddy, rather disgusting dog park. Love it! Took his boots off before getting back in the car and he stayed clean! So happy!
Linda M.

I’ve been looking for something like Muddy Mutts for years, and now that I’ve found you, Annie and I are both really happy! There are no sidewalks where we live, so there’s a lot of sand and mud on the roads in the winter. We used to come in and Annie’s tummy and legs would be soaking wet and muddy, and as she dried, the sand would be left behind wherever she went. This solution is great!
Cande D.

Here is a picture of my Nella in her Muddy Mutts. The Muddy Mutts is fantastic, no more baths every time she goes out when there is sand, gravel and mud. We live at a ski resort and when the snow melts there is plenty of yuk for her to pick up. She adapted to her outfit quickly and runs, rolls and does all dog things freely in her Muddy Mutt. Many people see her and think what a great idea, I am hoping this translates to you getting many new orders. You have a great practical product.
Lois C. , Sun Peaks B.C.

I just received my order of 2 large, for my 2 Bouviers. I cannot stress #1 how happy I am to have found your site. #2 How easy it was to order, sizing recommendations are perfect. #3 How pleased I am with the quality of the product. #4 How quickly they arrived.
I have been posting on a Bouvier appreciation page, and facebook! I hope you need to manufacture lots more size large Smiling face with smiling eyes Here are a couple of quick pics. That is Ella Fitzgerald in the yellow, and her son Duke Ellington rocking the black! Thank you!
Heather Spencer
Dartmouth, NS
A Very Happy Bouvier Parent!
Two Dogs
Seaside Dog

[Muddy Mutts] have spared him many hours of drying out after our walks in the rain muck and snow; they are great for camping and traveling as well. I have received many comments from people around town about what a great idea.
I think Muddy Mutts are a great product and will tell everybody I know that has a dog. I am sure that I will get lots of use out of them and they will save me so much time and energy. On returning from my walk with Bella wearing the suit all I had to do was remove the suit and clean her feet which took 5minutes, compared to not wearing the suit and having to wash her under carriage and dry her which unusually takes about 30 minutes. Many Many Thanks

Living in a rural area where we don't have the advantage of paved sidewalks and trails, I was looking for a solution to the mud/grit problem with my two Keeshonden. With their long coats and not wanting to give them baths frequently, I was so pleased to find Muddy Mutts in my online search. You were so helpful in getting the proper fit and the "girls" are making the adjustment to wearing the Mutts. We get a lot of stares as people see them walking down the road. It is nice to be able to just get home and dry off feet instead of facing mud. It makes it possible to take them for walks on days when I would normally have stayed inside. Thanks Muddy Mutts!
Just a quick note to let you know that Willow wore his "splash" suit everyday through the winter & it lived up to it's claims. First year I've had a resonably clean dog & the house wasn't covered in road salt & sand. What a wonderful product.
My dog and I both love her Muddy Mutts jacket! She loves to wear it: personally I think she likes having a dry belly on a wet day. To me it's a lifesaver because I don't have to fuss with towels and wet wipes anymore --and that's coming from someone who's not "into" dog clothing as a rule. It's environmentally friendly and *the* most useful invention for dogs I've come across.
I just wanted you to know that I received the Small Muddymutts the day after we talked on the phone. It fits my little guy much better than the XSmall, so thank you so much for accomodating me. I very much appreciate it... I was trying so hard not to laugh when we got them on him - he was not at all impressed! I'm sure he'll get used to them though. Thank you so much.

At'ems Muddymutts arrived today. They are PERFECT! As suspected I did have to roll the legs up a tiny bit but for the first time in weeks we came home from the park without needing a bath. He didn't even act as if he was wearing anything and chased his ball as he normally would. Thank you again, so much...these are just genius!
Hi! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your amazingly fast shipping. My old disabled dog has his new boots on and is able to walk without falling on our hardwood floors for the first time in months. We tried putting down area rugs, tried three other kinds of boots and nothing worked until we put these boots on him. He's like a new dog! Thanks again for getting this great product to us so quickly.
I received the Muddy Mutts rain coat for my golden retriever, Tucker, yesterday. We opened it up and in 10 minutes he was outside walking through the streets. He was the hit of the town! Tucker is a service dog and cleaning the muck off of him, after every walk, was wearing me out! The Muddy Mutt rain coat is great. He steps out of it in the hallway - the coat hangs in the shower - and is ready for our next trip outside. Thank you for creating this. It's a great idea and it really works! Jeanne and Tucker, who was tired of having to be washed off in the shower several times a day, thanks you too!
I purchased the muddy mutts mud suit for my dog sissy. And we love it! thanks for dreaming it up!

I thought I would forward these pictures taken at Darlington Provincial Park a couple of weeks ago by another dog walker. Chinook and Shiloh have been wearing their Muddy Mutts for three years now in all kinds of lousy weather. I have often been stopped by motorists and pedestrians asking where they were purchased and have given out your web site. The Sam's attract a lot of attention. You can see that the reflective tape has worn a tad but the suits are like brand new and it is obvious they have saved me a lot of cleaning. Best money I have ever spent for dog gear. Thanks.
I have tried the muddy mutts for walks with my dog George. It is the first spring that walks are so enjoyable. I don't have now to let him dry near the door. So I want you to know how I am happy. I will speak of it to others dogs owners. Have a good day!
I'll be recommending Muddy Mutts to all my fur-kid parent friends!
Hello! Just writing to let you know I am thrilled with the Muddy Mutts I recently purchased for my four little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!!! The Muddy Mutts kept their long-feathered legs and underbellies totally clean walking in the sloppy, wet weather we now have here on the west coast. No pine or cedar needles, leaves, tiny branches and grit caught up in their coats. Best part... I don't have to bathe four dogs after each wintery walk! Thank You!
It is obvious during this wet and muddy time of year at the park how well the pants work, and how they still allow Maude the flexibility to run after squirrels and play with the other dogs. Awesome product! Thanks for saving us 3-4 baths this past week alone!
Just a quick note to say we got the small size blue glo-dog coat for our mini-poodle Sadie and it is perfect. We are very happy with it and are glad we bought it. Thanks for your help with exchanging the size.

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